8 years of guide dog ownership 

Today marks 8 years of being a guide dog owner, I started training today 8 years ago! Doesn’t time fly. I can’t quite believe it. Things have changed since that day, it’s been an emotional roller coaster having to retire and rehome Pearce as it was in his best interests, getting Texan so quickly afterwards and the emotions that came with that but I’m glad I took that boy he is one truly remarkable dog and guide dog, such a shame his eyesight going knocked his confidence so badly that he became sensitive to bus travel and wouldn’t settle in cafes etc for worry he would get trodden on and I knew he couldn’t cope with it any longer and that was harder because he saved my life for which I will be forever grateful because without him I may not have been here to write this today. He won beyond the call of duty guide Dog of the year award in 2012 for him going above and beyond his duties for me. Again the welfare of Texan had to come first and I decided to retire him but was able for keep him so I was very relieved at that! And with Peter being a totally different kettle of fish it’s been challenging but he is a fantastic worker but just a loony with it lol! My dogs have enabled me to lead a fulfilling life, take up opportunities I never would have before and taken on challenges. My confidence has bloomed, I now no longer need to worry that I’m going to trip over something or bash into someone or get lost because I will hopefully always have a guide dog by my side. 

Here is a video I made on Flipagram of 8 years as a guide dog owner with photos of my 3 boys and the fun we’ve had together, the places we’ve been, the things we’ve conquered, the people we’ve met and the full life I now lead. 

I thank all who support, work and volunteer for guide dogs, thank you for changing lives every day.