Reflecting on 2016

The beginning of the year brought uncertainty, anxiety and upset because I knew the move was actually happening and I didn’t know what I wanted to do, whether I wanted to stay and continue to build my life and find a more rewarding and supportive job but after countless interviews and every time failing I began to think whether moving was meant to be what I was supposed to do so I made the decision although it was difficult and I felt very worried that I wouldn’t find a job to take the plunge and move, make a new start and trust that God knows and will provide. January also brought the loss of a good friend Vicky which was the first funeral I’ve been to that I remember so that was sad as she was taken too young. 

February I handed in my notice at work and ended on 29th Feb, that was a sad day and the end of an era and it showed I was much loved by the gifts I was showered with, I was overwhelmed by their generosity and some of those will stay friends for life and again I thank them for the experience they gave me and the support they provided, had my jabs for my holiday and March I said goodbye to people I knew and loved and had become good friends with through work, guide dogs etc. At the end of March mum and dad and little sis moved to Sidmouth and I stayed with the jones family until my holiday. 

April brought the holiday of a lifetime and one I will never forget, I went with the best friend I could have gone with and had the most amazing time, met new friends and even found out that one knows my best friend from school! We stayed in beehive huts which has always been my dream, saw the king of the jungle so close up, rhino, elephants, different types of antelope and the memories of that time still makes me smile and I can say that holiday was worth every penny, the Swazi people were so amazing, kind and helpful and made sure we had the most wonderful time ever and we did so it’s thanks to Traveleyes and Jenny at Sense Africa who organised the holiday for us. They are going back next year but it’s not meant to be for me this time! 

When I got back from Africa on my way to my new home which I had never seen! I got an invite to an interview at the local agricultural college near where I live for the following week and got the job, I couldn’t believe it so much so I cried and they have been so supportive I have been overwhelmed as they really have bent over backwards for me to make sure I can do the job and do it well and I will be forever grateful. 

I also put in for voluntary work at WESC and the donkey sanctuary because I thought I would be ages without a job but it was not so I felt guilty because I couldn’t give them more of my time so not good for them but good for me getting the job and they were all so understanding. I did do a bit for the donkey sanctuary over the summer and I am still volunteering for WESC which I enjoy and get to work with one AMAZING lady who I’m glad to call my friend and her lovely assistant from time to time. 

June I went back to MK to take my exams and it was a bit of a disaster but the school did their best and it all ended well. 

July brought me starting the new job finally, it was challenging to begin with but now I think it’s a piece of cake and it’s enjoyable working with the students and seeing how happy they are seeing Pete. 

August I went back to MK again for Leisure this time to see friends which was lovely but it was also really difficult leaving them again so I was quite upset afterwards. I Also got my exam results which was a Grade B which I was so pleased about and couldn’t quite believe it! It was also the Sidmouth folk festival. And I went to Southampton to see Jo do her abseil and met the Portsmouth and Southampton crew.

September I went back to work properly and it was extremely busy and I got quite stressed because I was on my own and didn’t quite feel confident in what I was doing yet so I was thankful when I got some help. 

October, Nov and December have flown by as has the whole year and it’s been a great year overall for me and today marks two years since I got the phone call about Peter and our bond is stronger than ever even though it took a long time to come but I’m glad he’s in my life šŸ™‚ We are still a happy healthy family all still together and for that I will be forever grateful. We also live in a beautiful location which is amazing and I’ve made new friends who will be friends forever

HAPPY NEW YEAR šŸ™‚ here’s to 2017 šŸ™‚