Feb half term adventures 

Monday morning I went to Exeter to meet up with some very good friends for lunch, we met at a completely different location which was totally new to me and Pete, got a different bus but made it and we had a lovely meal and chat at the waterfront I think it’s called. 

Tuesday – Thursday I went to Guernsey with mum, older sister and Pete. This was to test how Pete would cope with flying and to see one of the Channel Islands which I had always wanted to do so I thought we could combine the two. We got to the airport around 2:45pm  and exeter were fabulous with their customer service and assistance, we got priority boarding, they were very considerate when they asked if they could take Pete through on his own and then they took me through for us to be reunited, we then sat in the departure lounge before getting called on just before 15:15 and I was taken to my seat and they showed me and got me to feel their safety vest, got me to feel where the call button is in case I needed help, I got Pete in and took his harness off, they never asked me for his car harness and never asked me to strap him in. With longer haul flights I would prob put it on but there was no way I was gonna get Pete in a car harness in a tight space. Other people then started getting on, we began to take off and I gave Pete a substantial chew which he finished half of it and I wanted to make it a positive experience so out came the schmakos too and this Kept him occupied and not worry about the flight. We landed in Jersey to then take off again so these were real tests for Pete but he did so well, we landed in Guernsey at 17:35 where it was straight through to arrivals and out to the bus stop which is directly opposite the airport, we took the 92 to st Peter port or town terminus as they call it. We then walked to our hotel Les Cotil which was up on a hill and mum could see the cross from the town. 

We got settled in and went for dinner at 8 at the hotel as we were tired and it was dark so mot much but lights to see. Took Pete out for last busy before bed. 

Woke up the next day and we went to north side of the island to Cobo bay and Vazon bay which were beautiful and we walked lots to explore the island, we did 20,000 steps that day! I was exhausted but we had dinner at the swan inn which was truly delicious. 

The next day we took a bus to icat which was I think west of the island and we walked the beautiful coastal path which Pete very much approved of from icat to jerbourg which took a bit over an hour, we then got the bus back to St Peter port, went back to our hotel and had afternoon tea which consisted of Belgian waffles and Guernsey ice cream and cream and chocolate sauce, we then collected our bags and set off again to catch the bus to the airport. The flight back Pete had more space which was good. We were due to fly straight from Guernsey to Exeter but Jersey was covered in fog so they had to do a detour and do Jersey on our way back, we waited ages in jersey whilst they sorted paperwork before setting off which delayed everything but by that time Peter was a pro at staying calm during landing and take off and didn’t bat and eyelid. So so proud of him, he was a really good boy, Flybe were fantastic, the hotel was brilliant and everywhere we went were so welcoming and everyone so helpful and friendly. 

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