Pete’s mysterious illness and a new app 

Since I haven’t been on FB since Ash Wednesday I feel a bit out of it but in other ways I’m relieved to be off it, I haven’t had much time to think about it too much either as had some sad news last Thursday that a school friend of mine passed away which was really quite upsetting but I’m sure she’s in a better place. Throughout all this Peter had also been vomiting every morning at around about the same time but he seemed absolutely fine in himself so I wasn’t too worried even though I knew it wasn’t normal I decided to wait a few days to see whether it would clear itself but it didn’t and on Wednesday the day of my friend’s funeral which I felt sad that I couldn’t attend Pete became very lethargic, sleepy and just not the usual happy, cheeky and naughty boy I know and love, his sickness became worse and so we decided to make an apt at the vet and get him seen to! Now it was really sad to see how bad he had become because he loves the vet but he just wasn’t interested and just laid down instead of wanting to say hello to people. The vet gave him a thorough check over and decided to give him an anti sickness injection and Zantac medication to see if these helped and it’s been so far so good but we will see over the weekend now that all medication has worn off what happens. I hope he continues to improve. Thank You for everyone’s thoughts and well wishes which I’m sure have come in for Pete but I haven’t seen them yet due to banning myself off FB. Will keep you updated and I thank Lauren who has updated coffee lounge for me. 

I also have discovered a new app this week BeSpecular which I’ve used today several times and got responses within a few minutes. You take a picture of a letter, package, email or anything really and a sighted person will read what you want them to. I love it and you kind of feel really grateful for their help. Will come very much in handy 🙂 

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