A week since our drama with Peter

I can’t Quite believe it’s been a week since Peter had to be transferred to a specialist in Wellington as he was very poorly. He had had scans and x-rays the day before but unfortunately because there was so much gas in the stomach they could not figure out what was causing him to be ill. The Specialist vets decided to do another ultrasound to see if they could see anything different and they also did an endoscopy and guess what they found! A Kong medium soft toy frog with a hard head! The vets could not believe how he swallowed such a big toy that they specifically put in his Notes not to buy any toys smaller than his head to avoid this happening again. I have no idea where he got this frog from and it will probably always remain a mystery. It had been a very scary few weeks and everybody thought it wasn’t a foreign body but that it was something more serious so I was very thankful and grateful that it turned out to be just a touch of frogitis as my friend Lauren has named it! Dozens of these frogs are now destined for the bin all because of my cheeky monkey! He is now feeling much better thankfully and is back to work with just a shaved underneath and side of his body. We are certainly glad that it is all over and that we are able to sleep and not worry any longer! I’ve probably lost more weight worrying about Peter over the last few weeks then going to the gym! 

Thanks to all of you were thinking about us I really appreciate it xxx


PS Freddie frog is pictured here drying on our washing line. I wanted to chuck him but mum wanted to keep him to show everyone but I do think he may now have gone in the bin The smell was that bad! 

This is a pic of Peter in running outside happily now the frog is out! I Videod it this week but it won’t let me upload it, it made me quite emotional as I haven’t seen him do this for over three weeks! I’m glad to have my cheeky monkey back on top form 🙂 ​

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