Mother’s Day 

Today was a wonderful, sunny day just for Mother’s Day here in Devon. We went on a rather long walk near dunsford which included right at the very end when we were all tired and my legs were beginning to become like jelly a set of stepping stones to get across a rather fast flowing river! 

We were contemplating whether to do this or not but in the end we all decided to go for it so first go mum and dad and it took them quite a while as the stones were rather uneven, some further apart than others so they required you to do the splits lol and some wobbly ones which didn’t help as well as the fast flowing river! They had an audience who cheered when they made it across. Then it was the dogs turns to go, Joey did it like a pro, Pete thought the river may be the easier way but then decided to follow Joey on the stones and those two made it but pip and Texan found it much more difficult bless them but after Joey again showing them the way and us encouraging them they both did it! Then it was to be mine and my sister’s turn but dad wasn’t convinced I would make it and wanted to take me via Road but my sister said I could do it after checking so we decided to go for it even though she did say we were gonna fall in so that filled me with hope lol! Anyway I had my sister in front and my dad behind both supporting and holding me and giving me instructions and slowly but surely we made it 🙂 what a relief and a major obstacle overcome. Thank goodness the walk was nearly finished after those! We had a lovely day and went on to teignmouth afterwards to have our picnic before heading back home. 

The first two pics show a blue sky and waves at shaldon cove with and one without Peter playing in them. Then we have the stepping stones and pics of Pete and the boys in the river and one of me and Pete saton a wall


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