One very helpful manĀ 

Yesterday the morning and half of the afternoon was rather stressful but when I finally managed to sort out what I needed to I was able to go and have some lunch with friends which was much needed by this point! My friend didn’t enjoy her wrap so after lunch we went to McDonald’s so she could get something to eat. We were chatting away when my friend suddenly realised it was ten minutes before her train so she quickly waved goodbye and shot off to try and catch her train which I didn’t think she’d catch but thankfully it had been delayed so she fortunately just got there in time! 

My other friend and I went out and walked towards M&S because she needed the ladies and to get some food which was all successful looking back on it and the lady was very helpful who helped us get what my friend needed. 

Once finished the lady took us to the stairs and we went on our way, we had just exited M&S when a man came from behind I think and asked us where we were going as there was a very aggressive dog by Tesco if we went left so we said we wanted to go left after crossing the road, so he said he rather we didn’t do that and I asked if there is another way round, so he said I’ll come with you and show you as I would rather know your safe or something along those lines. So he offered his arm to my friend who took it gratefully whilst Pete and I followed behind. He went very much out of his way to help us and make sure we didn’t have to come across this dog and that maybe there was a way of the public somehow via phone or something alerting us to dangers like this if were out in Exeter on a Saturday and him realising that we would be rather stuck if our dogs were attacked and how he wants to help. He was going to report the dog and homeless person and asked if we would speak to guide dogs as well as he will email them so I said of course we will. He took us all the way to GAP where my friend needed to catch the bus from and we couldn’t thank him enough. Such a wonderful, kind and caring man who definitely ended my day on a high. 

Just goes to show there are kind people in the world who will go the extra mile to help those in need šŸ™‚ he saved us from what could have been a disastrous experience! God was definitely on our side šŸ™‚