Naturally Supernatural 

Saturday 22nd July was to be the beginning of a new Christian festival run by Soul Survivor, it was called Naturally Supernatural, a festival for people of all ages. Amy and Ben’s parents took us which was very kind of them. We arrived sometime after 11, we unpacked our things and then they went on to their final destination after saying our goodbyes. It was my first time at anything like this so I was rather worried as to how I was going to cope with camping for 6 nights, the lively and noisy worship sessions with flashing lights and how Pete would deal with it all too and whether there was going to be enough to keep us occupied. We started by putting up the tents which went up fairly quickly, we then got our chairs out and sat down to have our lunch and chat. There wasn’t much to do on the first day as nothing opened till after the evening meeting so we just played with Pete, sorted out our things and then went to get pizza and garlic bread for dinner which we had back at the tent before getting ready for the worship meeeting. The first meeting I didn’t enjoy very much due to there being not many songs I knew and the flashing lights, noise etc really affected me, I also didn’t feel quite right so I wasn’t in it really, Pete was also quite restless so we went out for a break, had a walk around, went to the loo and then Amy came to find us to tell me it was time for the sermon so we went back in and Pete settled down and we left again shortly before the worship was due to end as Pete and I had had enough. We had a look in the toolshed after before heading to bed and as I relaxed in bed my muscles began to spasm and I have had short sessions of this when I’ve been exceptionally tired or done too much but it went on and it got worse and worse and I was laid in bed for ages shaking from head to toe not able to sleep or do anything so in the end I woke up pooe Amy and I told her the situation and she said let’s go for a walk and let’s see how you feel, I was walking ok when I was up but my arms and hands were just literally shaking so much so we went to find someone to ask and they just basically said try and get some sleep so back we went and again when I was laying down so I figured it must be muscular spasms of the worst kind so I tried to ignore them as I had done but it didn’t work so I just lay there for hours literally until I just drifted off briefly until like 5 in the morning when it became light and I woke up shaking but it wasn’t so bad so we got up, had a shower, talked and then went to the field with Pete to play with his ball before heading back in the tent for a bit of a lay down as I felt rubbish, we went to get some breakfast at a cafe on site and I just kept thinking am I gonna last, can I do this and if I don’t sleep this isn’t going to work but I thought I just need to get through the day and hopefully things will get better. We came back to the tent woke Ben up and got ready to go to the 2nd meeting. This time Ben and Amy wanted to sit on the floor, I wasn’t so keen knowing I couldn’t get up again and how uncomfortable the floor is after a few minutes but I was persuaded to try it out them saying Pete will prefer it if I’m on same level etc so I tried it out and Of course Pete loved it, I not so much lol! The songs they sung I didn’t know many either and not being able to see the words made it harder and frustrating so I was again disappointed and Amy bless her knew I wasn’t enjoying it but I said to her it will get better, I will survive, I’m just tired and need a better nights sleep. The rest of the day was a bit of a blur really until the evening meeting when things began to get better. I got myself ready to sit on the floor and a lady tapped me on the shoulder and said “I’ve found a seat do you want this to make sitting on the floor much more comfortable for you as I’ve seen you struggle” so I said “are you sure?” And she said “yes” so I thanked her and off she went no idea of name or anything but it certainly made sitting on floor much more pleasant and less painful and I was able to enjoy the service more, they sung all songs I knew which was wonderful and Pete was beginning to settle more so it was more me that needed to go out because my eyes didn’t cope great with the flashing lights but I definitely became more positive because of that meeting. We then went to the bar I got a glass of Rose and we went to Cafe Uno for a while before heading to bed. 

Monday we met tent neighbours Laura and Rachael properly and we had such laughs with them throughout the festival. 

Instalment two will continue sometime lol! It’s taken this long to write about 2 days lol! 

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