Sponsor a child 

Have you ever thought about sponsoring a child? 

In church this morning we had a talk and a video shown to us about sponsoring a child for compassion and there was a guy on the video who when he was younger he had a sponsor and he was sharing the difference it made to him and how he would look forward to receiving letters from his sponsor and he says his life would be totally different had he not had a sponsor, he was able to have an education, the community was helped and he was able to go to uni and get a business degree and it’s all thanks to his sponsor.

I’m not quite sure what made me sponsor a child but I think it was after I had my job interview with world vision, I certainly remember the evening I did it and remember asking God as I was on the world vision website which child he wanted me to sponsor! I was going through all the children who needed sponsorship and suddenly I got a strong feeling inside as I flicked over to a little 4 year old girl called Milena, at first I thought is this the one but somehow God made it clear so I sponsored her and still do today, Milena is now 6 and I’m proud to sponsor and support her and her community in Armenia, for £25 a month I can make a difference to not just Milena but the whole community giving them a future they wouldn’t otherwise have. It is certainly a worthwhile thing to do and I enjoy sending her birthday and Christmas cards and letters in between. I enjoy following her progress, continuing to see her grow and flourish. 

So if you are thinking of sponsoring a child and you are in a position to do so I would definitely recommend, these children and communities need our help and it’s thanks to charities like world vision and compassion uk that these children have any hope at all. 

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