The sunset in Swaziland and king of the jungle 

The sunset in Swaziland is the most beautiful I have yet seen! And with the trees stripped bare thanks to the elephants rubbing themselves on them it is the perfect picture! One of my favourite pics of the holiday. It is so tranquil at that time of night driving through the game reserve at Hlane and hearing the sounds of the lions call as they happily eat their dinner, the elephants walking through the bushes and to watch as the sun goes down on a clear night it is something spectacular! We sat by the watering hole in our jeeps listening to the Hippos splashing and making a racket before heading off to see if we could find some lions. We successfully did find a mother and her grown up cubs, absolutely fascinating, they were so close to us, prob only about 2 metres away! What incredible creatures, so curious. We didn’t find any elephants that evening I don’t think. An amazing safari experience with no other car in sight! 

Pics shows the lion family walking through the bush and a cub standing on a branch looking at the camera frontways and sideways and I got a close up of a sideshot of a cub’s head. The other pic is the dead tree so all you have is branches silhouettes against a sunset sky. 

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