GDMI visits & Job Interview

On Thursday 14th April I met my new GDMI Karen. I was nervous I must admit as I always get nervous before aftercare visits not quite sure why and because I hadn’t met her before I was a bit unsure but from the moment she walked through the door I felt at ease. She was as lovely as I had been told she was, down to earth, easy to talk to and get along with and I began to relax as we talked about all sorts of random things. When I tried putting Peter’s harness on he showed her how much he detested it lol! She asked me to walk to the door and call him to me but he didn’t come but I was laughing because Karen said that I was thinking he wasn’t going come and we’ve tried all this before lol! I was right he never came so I had to go and get him. She suggested to try a harness that goes over his back rather than over his head which she thought would work slightly better but I said think he shall always be a drama queen! We decided to do the shortest route which would be to Waitrose so we set out first without Peter as it was easier trying to find the route before taking him out in harness so not to confuse him. We found a good route, did it with Peter who did very well and she was impressed with his work so I was pleased. We then came back, she left me with this harness to try and to try out the Waitrose route with Peter before she came out the following week.

On Monday 18th April Peter and I did the Waitrose route completely on our own with no one’s help, it was slightly complicated and I was hesitant in places but we did get there together and we got help around waitrose from a lovely lady but I told her I needed semi skimmed milk, gave her the list and she picked up a bottle with a red lid and I was thinking this isn’t right what do I do, so I asked her if it was the correct milk and whether their semi skimmed was red as I believed it was normally green so bless her she had made a mistake so she got the right one and we went on our way and she helped me to the door which was very kind even though I think we went out the wrong door but Peter found the steps again so that was good. I was very proud of Peter and Mum was as well when we got back home safely.

Wednesday 20th April Karen came back out with the new harness to try out even though she showed me several, one was a B type so that wasn’t much use and the other one was fabric which she said wouldn’t be much use either so I was given to try the one very similar to the one I have but with a clip round the neck rather than just the chest clip so its a bit more fiddly because it had the velcro on as well which was annoying but I took it off and its better even though that took me ages to get off! We tried the new harness on our way into town and it was better because I was able to put it on him more subtly without him causing a right drama! It was a complicated route again trying to figure out the best way with the pavements suddenly running out, crossing roads many times and the narrow pavements but we got there and she told me where WESC was because I wanted to volunteer there so we went in and spoke to the lady who runs it and she was really nice, she said bring in the paperwork and I will sort it out so I brought that in on Friday when we went down again into town.

On the same afternoon once Karen had gone I had an interview which I thought went really well, the lady tried to ring me an hour or so after my interview but I didn’t recognise the number and didn’t think they would call with a mobile and  I didn’t have signal so I thought I will wait till the morning but again was waiting for a no.

On Thursday 21st the lady rings me first thing in the morning and told me I had got the job! I could not believe it, I was so happy but was shocked and it didn’t sink in for a good couple of days. Everyone was congratulating me and it was overwhelming I cried with joy as I had had countless interviews over the last year and got constant rejections so for them to say yes I was gobsmacked really and didn’t know what to say, that was my main concern coming here and leaving my old job that I wouldn’t find another job here, I was saying to a lady at action for the blind that 1 month to find a job was a bit optimistic and here I was a week and half of being in Devon and I had a job!!! It was all falling into place and it made me realise that I need to put more trust in God knowing he has everything under control and that his plans and timings are perfect and that he works things out for our good and his glory :).

Today Tuesday 26th my GDMI Karen came out again to do the route into town and this time it wasn’t so complicated because Karen had thought through the best way to do it after last week. I suggested and she was gonna say lets go for a coffee today so after she said that I said “great minds think alike” and she certainly agreed. We were nearly in town and we debating which coffee shop to go into and Karen says she loves Costa so I said ok lets go there and then I only realised afterwards that she had said “why don’t we try coffee #1” that it was actually opposite to where we were but we asked someone in sea salt and they said it was back up the street so we went out and went into the coffee shop and I was debating whether to order a hot chocolate or a Frappe, I decided on a Frappe but then couldn’t decide on devils chocolate or strawberries and cream but I decided on strawberries and cream which was slightly healthier lol! Not by much probably but anyway I hadn’t had a hot chocolate for a good few weeks so I decided to treat myself and I bought Karen a drink so she chose a Flat white coffee. I can’t quite remember when this happened lol and why but Karen fell off the kerb bless her and I burst out laughing, I think she gave some people a near heart attack but I said she really needed a coffee and she agreed she couldn’t function without one so  I think thats when we went to the cafe lol! And also Karen taught us a fun way of learning how to know which side roads cars are coming in or out of or both ways and she made it up so the first side road was in, the second was out and the third we wanted a shake it all about but it was another in so we were both gutted! That will definitely help me remember which side road is which though I hope anyway if I can stop laughing overtime I get to them! We then walked back and something else happened which made us laugh but I cannot remember what it was. I was getting worried because it was 11:40 already but anyway we decided to walk back because Karen said it would be ok and it was a uneventful journey back which was good just the uphill struggle as always but I will get used to it at some point lol!

Karen is coming back out tomorrow so we can do the buses and do a bit more work in town before letting us loose on our own :).

I am up to date now so will update again tomorrow…






Swaziland – Day 11 – Our Final part of the journey

I was sleep until I woke up early hours of the morning when they put the lights on about 6ish I knew breakfast was going to be served soon so I stayed awake and apparently throughout the night the little girl several rows in front of us was continuously ill but the cabin crew were very good and dealt with it efficiently so I am told but my sighted guide obviously didn’t get much sleep bless her even though she doesn’t necessarily sleep well on a plane anyway and I don’t think many people do but I actually slept ok but it is nothing like your own bed which I was so looking forward to getting back to my memory foam pillow and mattress topper!

Once breakfast came we ate it obviously and then went to the loos and we had an announcement that there were 20mins till landing. Jack came over and told us we will wait till everyone else had got off before making our way through the plane to the exit. We made our way down, thanked the crew for their services and got off, once we got off we had to go down several escalators which I hate and am petrified of them but I had to do them twice or three times couldn’t remember but Jack was making fun of me so I gave him a fright on the train lol! Once we were down the escalators we had to go on a train which took us to where we would collect our luggage now we got on and I had hold of my guide’s arm but nobody on my left side so as the train started moving I was flying everywhere and in the end Jack had to grab me as well and he said “I think I will grab hold of you until we get off the train”, I felt much better being stabilised more as I just can’t hold myself on moving transport because of my Cerebral Palsy. We then got off and then Jack and us were having a laugh and we were pushing and shoving each other because I think we were too quick and we had to slow down so we didn’t lose anybody lol! We then grabbed our bags, went to the loos and then hugged and said goodbye to everybody and made our way to the arrivals area where my mum and dad would be waiting. They had brought Peter with them and he was so excited but he was more excited to see my guide than me which I was envious of but he was obviously not happy with me this time for leaving him behind lol! We then had to make our way back home, grab my bag and head for Devon, the home I had never seen…

Got home in good time and it was my older sister’s 30th birthday so we had a lovely time with her, I had to get used to my new home and where everything was. I then needed a couple of days to chill out before my new GDMI would come out for a visit. More on that visit tomorrow but for now the holiday part of the blog has ended but the memories I have will last forever :).




Swaziland – Day 10

We woke up at 5am this morning because we were invited to go on an optional sunrise safari if we wished. Most of us said yes but there were 5 people who said no 2 who couldn’t see anything and who had said they had been on enough and the elderly lady a sighted guide who decided she had had enough of safaris decided she would also stay in bed and 1 of the other sighted guides a younger one decided it would take her too long to get ready so she still got up when Jo P woke up but she was able to slowly get herself ready not having to rush for the safari. We got to the meeting point at just before 5:30 and boarded the jeeps so we could set out on time. Off we went again to see if we could find the lions again which we managed to do and again they had recently had a kill but were still eating this time so weren’t so visible especially for us VIs but we could hear them eating and as soon as we got to the lion area I got this incredibly strong smell which nobody else could smell and it hit me it was that strong! I couldn’t believe that not many others could smell it but I asked Paul and he said he could smell it as well so it wasn’t just me lol! It was the smell of rotting flesh and bones which had obviously been rotting because of the heat of the sun and all the bones were piled up in a specific spot which is quite clever and something which I found fascinating. We then followed the lions to the watering hole but it was still dark so we could only hear them drinking but it was a lovely sound :). We then went onto see if we could find the elephants and we did find them, there were apparently 3 but they weren’t easy to see so I didn’t see a lot apart from when one of them walked across the path in front of us to follow the other 2 who had already gone through the trees. We then tried to find Giraffe and we found footprints but no actual giraffe but we then decided to go to the water hole as we had only seen 1 rhino when we arrived and lo and behold there were 3 just lazing around by the hole sleeping with birds cleaning their backs which was really sweet. It is incredible how the birds and animals work together. We stopped at the water hole and had tea/coffee and flap jacks which were really nice but I chose not to have any tea/coffee first because i don’t like it and I didn’t want to need the toilet. After we had had a break we made our way back to camp slowly watching and listening for any other animals. We got back just after 8 I think and went straight for breakfast quickly before heading back so we could pack our bags ready to leave for our long journey home! We were all really sad to leave and couldn’t believe our wonderful time in Africa was really over :(. We grabbed our bags with the help of Sicelo, Sunny boy and Dumi and we went for a brief walk before saying our goodbyes to Jenny and the guides and boarding the bus were we would have a 2 hour journey before our first break which was a glass blowing shop where they made all kinds of things out of glass but they also had other shops all locally made things so we went to order our lunch and then went to have a look because I wanted to buy some bracelets for my family just as a little gift and we then went to a shop and they sold prints so I bought a print with the big 5 on and the Zebra which is beautiful and will be going on my wall and I bought a giraffe keyring, a magnet and a warthog made out of soapstone for mum hoping it would all go in my suitcase lol! I blame my sighted guide as I was told off by Jo M because I said I couldn’t buy anymore and what did I do! Lol. We then had lunch and then headed to the ladies loos before hopping back on the bus for the next leg of the journey which was to be the service station we stopped at on the way to Africa so kind of bittersweet knowing it was the beginning but now also the end of our trip! We just had 15mins to buy what we needed food wise and toilet break and get back on for the last 2 hours to the airport. We arrived in good time and we got trolleys to carry our luggage and we said our goodbyes to Sarah who was flying to Cape Town the following day, that was a sad moment as I had really got on well with Sarah and we had some good times and good laughs together and she was such a lovely lady who had had a hard year but was still was so cheerful. We then went to get checked in which Jack had under control . Howard needed an extra luggage bag so he went to get that and we waited with everyone and talked about different trips etc and I just wanted to make sure that I didn’t hold anybody back which thank goodness nobody said I did :). We waited at the check in desk and in front of us were some diplomats who were faffing about having some fingerprints done which held us up so we were getting annoyed with them for making such a fuss and we were just about to go into the normal queue when they finally finished so we could go through security. I had forgotten about a can I had in my bag which came up on the scanner but fortunately the guy was nice but I didn’t realise at first what he meant I thought he had said “do you want your cane in your bag” lol but figured it out in the end lol! We then went and had a look around and bought some water etc before having something to eat and a much needed hot chocolate for me which was delicious. It was then nearly time to go so we went for a little leg stretch and had a look on the departures board where the time said 19:30 which really confused us so we both checked our phones and it was something like 19:50 so we then decided to make our way to where Jack was waiting and we were one of the first actually this time which we were pleased about. Once we were all here after people had gone to the toilets we began to board the plane as soon as it opened. Jack told us our seats and we were debating who should sit where so my sighted guide sat by the window I sat in the middle and a VI gentleman next to me in an aisle seat because of his long legs. People were piling on the planes putting bags up and finding their seats, we were asked to look after Chris because his sighted guide was sat quite a way away which we said was fine. We then had some people in front of us a couple and their daughter who decided near on immediately that they wanted to recline their seats now I was fine because the mother did it first and I was short so it was ok and didn’t bother me apart from at dinner time when it got a bit squished but I didn’t want to cause a fuss but then around 9ish or so not quite sure the little girl put her chair back or red anyway and I think it scared the gentleman so he fought back bless him and made sure she couldn’t put her seat back anyway I managed to calm him down by talking to him about why he became a vegetarian but then when the dinner came the people in front caused a complaint and he rung the buzzer for our flight attendant to come but the little girl also pressed hers so it created a massive problem and am uproar which lasted for hours and I really wanted to get some sleep but anyway in the end they went off to sort it out and bless Jo M who came to sit next me to keep me company whilst it was being sorted, I really appreciated that as I was getting really wound up by the whole thing cause I knew I wouldn’t get much sleep anyway but I wanted to get as much as I could but Jo talked to me and kept me company so that was really kind of her.

They then came back and basically he just had to accept that people are allowed to put their seats back which I didn’t really agree with but understood but people have to have a bit of respect for the people behind them as well which they didn’t seem to have. We also had people and a little girl who was really poorly and apparently had  food poisoning bless her. Anyway we then went to toilets and got settled for the evening and finally in the early hours of the morning managed to get some sleep at least.

My last holiday blog post tomorrow…

Forgot to say yesterday that we had a couple of drinks for our last evening in Swaziland we had a meal together and I finally was able to buy Jack and Jenny a Sebebe which they were happy about and they so deserved it we then finished and went outside and Jo P got me to try some Amarula which I really liked so got another. It was a lovely evening and we had a wonderful chat together as a group and after the Amarula I felt a bit emotional and said I needed to give Jenny a hug so I did and we then went to bed.

Swaziland – Day 9

Today I woke up, had breakfast as usual but today we we were going to be busy again. First of all we had a trip to a Sangoma (Traditional Healer) and his Homestead where half the group went with Jenny and Thandi to see and listen to the Sangoma and see what he does whilst the other half which is the group I was in went with Sipo and Jack to help with whatever the ladies were doing which at that point was cracking Nuts, they made it look so easy and asked us if anyone wanted to give it a try so Howard tried first but failed trying to hit it gently until the ladies said do it harder and it finally cracked and then he had to dig the nut out with a stick type thing and place it in a bowl. I then had a go with Jo P and we got it first time which we were pleased about getting in above Howard lol! And then Dietmar and Anja also had a go and they did really well too. We then went onto mat weaving which Jo P showed me what to do once the lady had demonstrated and we did it together which was good fun and I had a little brown dog lying right next to the mat I was sitting on, such a sweetie but I resisted touching :). Then we swapped and we went into see the Sangoma and he explained about how far people come to see him, what he does and the things he uses to find out what’s wrong with people. Very interesting.

We then went to the Shewula mountain camp where we had lunch and we met with someone from the press who wanted to write an article in the paper about us and traveleyes.

We then did another sunset safari and this time we saw the King of the jungle just after they had had a kill and one cub was incredibly nosy and was about a metre or so away from the jeep which was quite scary actually but he was so beautiful and posing for us. We also saw an elephant who was distressed because of the lions and a wildebeest and several Impala. The other jeep had just missed the lions so we were right time right place as they say :).


Swaziland – Day 8

Last night was lovely hearing the roaring lions after they’ve had a kill and hearing the hippos too with their scary voices through the night and in the morning. I woke up thinking how lovely it would be to always wake up with the sound of lions but then I thought about the poor Impalas which made me feel a little sad but I know the lions have to eat so I soon got over it!

Today we split up into 2 groups again 1 group going with sunny boy and the other with Dumi and Sicelo and we went for a lovely walk and what the guides had done especially for us was get different animal skins for us to feel along the way such as Impala, Monkey, Hyena and Crocodile which I found fascinating as I always wondered what these animals felt like and we had to guess what they were which I was very good at :). We also had to guess different animals footprints which again I got quite a lot right apart from when it came to the giraffe and I thought it was an elephant they told us we would know if it was an elephant lol! It was all good fun, we also saw dung beetles in action, amazing little creatures rolling dung balls 4 times the size of themselves!

We then came back had some lunch and went back out to the conservation hut just inside the national park explaining all about Hlane and its ancestry if we want to call it that but basically how big game parks began which was very interesting. We also got told and it was also on display about a man who out looking for poachers, came across one but unfortunately the poacher paralysed him, took his spine, shot him and left him for dead, how he survived I don’t have any idea but he was rescued and taken to the nearest hospital where they managed to treat him and he recovered and was able to walk again but what an horrific attack all because poachers want rhino horn etc! Swaziland has a very good poaching system which protects the animals and so if poachers are caught they go to jail for a minimum of 5 years and sometimes they can be killed if found to be poaching any animal in a big game park reserve! Good on Swaziland :). We also felt different skulls and had to guess what they were which was good fun as Jack was trying to tease me in the end with all the antelope! Then we went back had a bit of a break and then had dinner and then went to bed.


Swaziland – Day 7

Today was the day we had to leave our lovely beehive huts and make our way via minibus to our final destination Hlane where we would go completely back to nature with no electricity, no wifi, no phone signal and no lighting apart from via paraffin lamps. I was really looking forward to this because we could sense the real Africa and this was the national park that has the big game such as lions, rhinos, giraffes, leopards alongside the Impala, Nyala, Blesbok and Wildebeest. It was going to take about 2 hours to get there and Jenny had arranged for us to visit a school which catered for disabled children as well as mainstream children. This was run by a charity called St Joseph’s mission whose motto is “we can do it”. They had all kinds of children from 5 up to whatever age really, I spoke to a 23 year old for instance. We got there and we were welcomed by a member of staff and several children came up to give us hugs and handshakes which was lovely. We were taken to the toilet first before heading in to talk to the head mistress who happened to be in a wheelchair, she told us all about the mission and she was so passionate about the work they do and the children they support and about the wonderful gentleman who had set the mission up but unfortunately he had died 2 weeks prior to our visit so the school was still in mourning. It was an incredibly moving part of our day, I was in tears as were several others. We went to visit several classrooms one of whom had children with communication disabilities and then we went onto a class of students with Down syndrome all whom were so cheerful and when I gave one of the boys a high five another lad wanted it too :). We then went on to see several classes of visually impaired/blind students all who had Perkins braillers or large print which was handwritten not typed like in England and they had nowhere near the amount of technology and resources we have here but they made do. We then went into see some older students with visual impairments and several of us spoke to a student. The girl I had was 23 and partially sighted, at first she was a bit nervous but I got her talking and we then went on to talk about all sorts like what she wanted to be, discrimination, boyfriends and dating etc and time was whiling away fast and before I knew it I could sense someone behind me and Jack was talking to Sarah saying we need to go which was hard because she was asking when will we go back to see them and I didn’t know, it truly was an inspirational place and some incredibly passionate people working there and the students were just so lovely and you could see how much they enjoyed school, the school gets no government funded and the children have to pay to go to school and the girl I spoke to said her brothers and sisters and don’t get to go to school, she is the only one because it’s so expensive! Education is such a big part of everybody’s life and to think how fortunate we are to get free education which I’m sure a lot of us take for granted, when you go to a place that makes you realise how fortunate we really are. 

Once we had left we got back on the bus and headed on for Hlane. On the way in there were giraffes on our right hand side such graceful creatures which I managed to capture on my camera with its zoom capacity which helps me magnify and find things which are far away. Once we got in our huts were ready for us to settle in to so what we did was we just put our bags in and came for lunch which was by watering hole where we saw a rhino strolling down for a brief drink before going away again, there were also 3 hippos I was told sitting in the water and splashing their backs every so often so they don’t get sunburn. 

At 4:30 we did our first game drive in Hlane with Sicelo and Dumi whilst the other jeep had Sunny boy. We didn’t see much on this safari but we hoped that over the next few days we would see something. We then came back for dinner and loo break as I was quite desperate at this point and so were several others. We had another lovely meal to top off a fantastic day and went to bed happy and very sleepy. 

Forgot to add to yesterday’s that we had a wonderful barbecue under the stars on our last evening at Mlilwane where I tried Wildebeast sausages and pork chops which were very nice. We had a lovely evening and a wonderful chat with Anja, Dietmar, Jo and Jo about guide dogs etc. 

Next day’s blog tomorrow… 

Swaziland – Day 6

The sun was back out shining that day so we were definitely up for the horse riding today which some of the group were really excited about and some were really nervous not having done it before! We had to be at the reception for 8:45 so our hats could be fitted, I asked on of the ladies how she felt and she said she was really nervous and I got nudged and realised I shouldn’t have asked her because it can sometimes make their nerves worse. 2 of the team decided not to join us so they went with Jenny on a magical mystery tour. Once we were ready we made our way to the stables where we saw all the horses waiting outside for us so we could groom them before the horse riding safari begun. The 3 of the most experienced riders got their horses groomed and saddled up quickly or for them I wasn’t sure which had happened but they went out before us so they got more time on the horses so they could trot, canter and gallop. Whilst the rest of us groomed our horses and were shown how to pick the hooves which DSC05340I was worried about because I didn’t want to hurt the horse especially when he was being so good. I was paired with A young lady called Jo today which I was really looking forward to and we had a great time with Huckleberry our horse, most of the group were quite scared and I think I was the most experienced out of all of them ignoring the 3 who had gone ahead! We finished way before everyone else which gave us time to take pictures of us grooming, cuddling and hoof picking Huckleberry’s hooves. Once we had finished we all got different horses to ride so I had Baloo, we got the saddle on and went to a tree trunk so we could get on  which was the hard bit and then getting my feet right and then the guide told me Baloo likes to eat so I had to let him which was scary because I felt like I was going to fall off because they jerk their necks so far you kind of jolt, Jo’s horse’s saddle wasn’t put on properly bless her so that gave her a fright because she nearly fell Sideways due to the saddle slipping but once it was on she was ok and then we were all on and ready to go. We had to kick hard to get our horses going and once we were away from the grass it was a bit easier until we got into the national park where we rode through herds of antelope, passed some zebra and wildebeest and I tried to take a video of me riding which I managed and some pictures of different animals too but I just put the camera away at the right moment because first the horse behind mine didn’t seem to like mine Very much so it kicked mine according to the guide which made mine freak a bit but I got Baloo under control again until about 10mins later when we were nearing the dam and we went downhill slightly Baloo spooked again badly this time nearly throwing me over his head but somehow I managed to stay on and I really don’t know how but I was shaken and so were the others behind me, the guide said well done for managing to stay on. I then calmed down and we were ever closer to the lake when the guide said stop your horses which I did but Jo’s didn’t want to stop, there was a crocodile below as well which didn’t help but fortunately she managed to stop him just in time but then she found it difficult to get him going again as he was being stubborn and just wanted to eat. The guide kept saying just keep kicking but it wasn’t working so I just told her try pulling on the reins which Worked and off we went for a much more calming 2nd half of the ride. When we got Back I had some more pictures taken before being helped off the horse. Jack came over and said how amazing it was I managed to stay on because he was fearing the worst bless him, I didn’t even know he had seen what had happened so he said he owed me a drink that night lol! We then went back to our beehives briefly before heading down for lunch. The 3 experienced riders wanted to go out again in the afternoon so they had booked it for 2pm and we all went to visit the chief’s village first. We all had to dress in red shawl Type things forget what they are called with the King on the front. We went in and Jenny introduced us and they did a traditional welcome dance for us and then made us join in after we had said our hellos in Swazi I got accosted cause i said it right I think lol and we ladies danced for ages and then the men did a lot less! We then went back and we went for a walk again through the park which was lovely and the experienced guys got their 2nd ride which they loved even more! We then had dinner and had an early night because it had been another funfilled but busy day.