Maguga Dam

Day 2 we visited Maguga dam which is of course a dam but unfortunately at this time there wasn’t much water in it since Swaziland had a severe drought and the dam hadn’t be filled to capacity since 2013! It just goes to show how Important water is. We could only have a boat ride around a tiny part of the lake because of this. There were meant to be Crocodiles and Hippos but we didn’t see or hear any sign of life and I wasn’t going in to test it! The surrounding area was brown and not very nice and normally we wouldn’t see this but it was still a lovely boat trip. 

After the boat trip we went to a homestead and there were fields of sugar cane, corn and free range chickens, donkeys, goats and cows. Now the homestead walls are made out of termite mounds and the floor is cow dung but they are fantastically well built. We watched the head of the homestead cut or rather Bite through to get to the sugar cane. It is Truly amazing to see the unrefined, natural sugar, it’s unbelievable to think that our sugar comes from this plant but it was very nice and sweet. This day we didn’t see much wildlife but to see these people make the most out of everything they had, their creativity amazed me and still does, to think to make a house out of termite mound and cow dung really to us would not be very hygienic but it’s incredible what they do. After this we had lunch at Maguga lodge where I tried Papp which is maize, a weird thing but very nice and then we saw the traditional reed dance from Girls and boys which was awesome, again they only wear natural things like the boys would wear Impala skins and the girls I think some may have done as well and they made a thing to go over their chests but they were completely free, natural and to us we wouldn’t even contemplate it. A very special dance :). Day 3 tomorrow hopefully.

  1. Top two pics are the boys and girls doing the reed dance mostly naked but covering the bottom half and have handmade what I can only describe as colourful scarves for the chest for the girls but boys nothing. The 3rd is a pic of a homestead which looks like a thatched cottage so very well built, 4th is the family and father cutting the sugar cane as mum Looks after children and the last 4 pics are of Maguga dam basically completely dried up.