Work/Meet up

As most of you know I had my first day at work yesterday, it was very strange having a bit of a routine again and I was nervous but was made to feel at ease by everyone I did meet albeit it’s not many as a lot are on leave at the moment due to summer holidays starting. I have kind of learnt what I will be doing but I haven’t got my desktop magnifier yet so it is a bit difficult to read the paperwork but the computer is sorted, I have a log in and my ID card is being done tomorrow so then I won’t any longer be a visitor but a fully fledged member of staff, yay!

This afternoon I met up with Julia from Milton Keynes, Helen and Geoff who live in Dorset and for the first time and definitely won’t be the last Maria & her husband Rob and the gorgeous dogs all who had a great time running along Jacobs Ladder beach and in the sea! After talking to Maria & Rob and how they didn’t realise I had Mild Cerebral Palsy, it made me realise how far I have actually come. I Was in a wheelchair 11-12 years ago, doesn’t time go fast! I slowly regained strength in the bad leg and then once I had come out of the wheelchair about a year later, it was crutches and physio you name it I had it all and of course in the end they put it down to my Cerebral Palsy. Then it was 10 years this March just gone that I was registered blind so with all that happened back then to how I am now that nobody can tell that I have disabilities, it makes me happy because they see me for being me. It wasn’t an easy ride and I wanted to give up many times but I was determined I wanted out of that wheelchair and I was determined I wasn’t going to let my registration of being blind get to me because there’s so much more to life.

My guide dogs have helped me in more ways than one, not just the guiding side but they have helped me build up my mobility and stamina and the strength in my arm muscles lol! And the confidence they have given me is amazing and to them I will be forever grateful. I have met wonderful people through these different challenges and now my friend is going through similar but the other way around, she sees me and my determination and that I got out of my wheelchair and she wants the same. It doesn’t always happen and it may not happen to her but she’s come a long way already in the time that she was in a wheelchair for a different reason to now not relying on it so much and also with her sight loss, just being able to help and be there for her giving her encouragement she needs I hope she will battle through this. It was extra hard leaving her behind knowing I am the only friend she used to see when I was in MK and now she doesn’t leave the house, makes me sad and I just hope she won’t go backwards now that I’m not there.

Yes our disabilities will never go away and sometimes mine are worse than other times, when you have more pain or at the end of the day I feel stiff and in pain and today more than normal with the things I did but I can’t let it stop me from enjoying life and I’m not going to let it stop me from doing things I want to do. Yes there are certain things I need help with and yes we have limitations but it’s also good to push the boundaries sometimes, yes you will probably pay for it but I believe it is all worth it, everyone knows their limitations whether it be being scared of heights or scared of water, whatever it may be everyone has their reasons but pushing the comfort zone sometimes is a good thing.

I did Snowdon nearly 2 years ago now and that was an absolute killer but I’m glad I did it when I did because I don’t know if I could do it now, seeing people who are doing it or going to do it makes me kind of think should I do it again but the pain I experienced days afterwards was honestly something I would rather not experience again even though saying that I went on a bike last year in Cornwall whilst on holiday and yes it was a bit of a disaster and after 21 miles the pain was probably worse than Snowdon and I couldn’t walk for days it was horrendous and it was the scariest thing I’ve ever done and why I did I do not know but that I am never doing again lol!

Looking back over all these things makes you realise the journey you’ve taken and how far you have come, the obstacles you’ve overcome and that’s good because we do forget as time whiles away and we think we are still in the same place we were 5 years ago but actually we are not. Even if I look back over the 3 months I have been here in Devon and over the last 6 months of this year, what I’ve done is something to look back on and be proud of but that’s something for another day.

Today brought back memories when talking to Maria and Rob and that was definitely a good thing! It was lovely seeing everyone and catching up with all that is happening all whilst the dogs had an awesome time playing on the beach 🙂 Bliss




Woolacombe/Knightshayes Court

Yesterday we decided because my sister was off work we would go to Woolacombe which is apparently britains best beach, it certainly was beautiful and because it was out of season there was miles of space for the dogs to run and have a good time, as we arrived we saw a horse riding trek going out on what I’m guessing is a beach trek and I so wanted to join them! Peter was so excited as it was something new which he loves, the dogs could run and play for miles which was lovely, we went sort of towards the end of the beach and sat down near the top so the sea wouldn’t catch us as it came in and the dogs were entertaining themselves by digging holes, walking around or sleeping apart from Peter who was on the go for the majority of the time we were sitting down so much so he got so hot he needed the sea to cool down again lol! I told him several times to lie down and he did after digging himself a hole but he didn’t lie In it long so I got up and then we all got up and went towards the sea so Peter could have another dip as did the other boys. It was beautiful and the sun was out but not so hot because of the clouds which Made it perfect weather. The dogs and us were shattered when we got home, just the fresh air and the sea and everything combined made us very tired.

Today we went to Knighthayes court a national trust property, we didn’t take the pet dogs so we took them for a walk and I took Peter to this place and he was a very good boy inside the house and in the gardens, it was all very exciting for him Again being something new and different so I put his gentle leader on so he didn’t hurt my arm or shoulder too much. I worked him and He was exemplary telling me about steps etc because sometimes he can when he’s excited forget to tell me but he was very good today and of course got admired as always 🙂 we tried on some hats from the kitchen, looked around the house before heading into the gardens which were beautiful with all the flowers and trees in full bloom, lots of beautiful roses, massive acers, a beautiful pond and lush green grass and lots of vegetables and herbs in the kitchen garden. We then went back home, watched the football and then took the dogs out for an evening walk as it had turned so beautiful after the mist had disappeared even though it came back as soon as it had gone! The dogs had a good play time and now we all are tired again which is good and means we will sleep tonight.