Tweezers lol!

Why would you need tweezers? I got asked this evening in conversation with the family I’m staying with! I kind of assumed having a pair of tweezers was a necessity for every day life, I certainly miss mine when I forget them!

There are lots of reasons for use of tweezers:

1. Plucking hairs

2. Removing ticks from people and animals

3. Unclogging a drain

4. Decorating a cake

5. Removing hair from clothes

6. Removing egg shell which accidentally falls in dough or batter

7. Removing crumbs from keyboards

8. Untangling a necklace

9. Applying fake eyelashes

10. Tighten loose screws on glasses

There are more but you probably don’t want to know some of them but these are the most popular so you can see why tweezers are a necessity in every day life!

What happened tonight, they had to go and buy a pair of tweezers from Tesco lol!