Sorry it’s been too long!

I’m really not good at this blogging thing at the minute and every day I’ve been reading someone else’s giggling and thinking they are doing well I must do a blog but then I never get round to it! I’m either too tired, can’t be bothered or busy lol! Anyway today I thought I must because things have happened over the last few weeks which I should have blogged about but didn’t so anyway here goes:

Over the bank holiday weekend Peter and I did a first trip to Southampton/Portsmouth all on our own to meet people we’ve never met before and to see those we have met before again, to visit Peter’s puppy walkers and to support a friend abseil down the Spinnnaker Tower in Portsmouth to raise money for guide dogs. The journey down went smoothly, slight issue at Salisbury because the assistance decided to pick up an unbooked assistance rather than me who had booked but thank goodness I had a lovely couple who asked if I needed help getting off the train and helped me find my next train to then find the assistant who apologised and said he would get me on this next train which he due fully did bless him so all was forgiven and I thanked the couple for all they did to help me. I then got off at Southampton and was met by a lovely lady who took me to a taxi who had no problems taking us to the premier inn, in fact he was lovely. Got to the premier inn, checked in and the guy helped us to our room where we made ourselves at home before the others arrived at the hotel. I fed Peter, had a shower and changed clothes just in time when my phone went off and the Girls had text to say they had arrived in reception and where coming upstairs. I thought to myself what Ā they going to be like and then I get a knock on the door and I open it and in they come with a bit of excitement from the dogs and we say hello to each other and how nice it was to finally meet etc and we got on straight away. Once they had unpacked, fed the dogs and freshened up we went for dinner and had a good chat together about all kinds, lots of giggles about their journey and how disorganised they are etc! Then Saturday we went to Southampton common to free run the dogs and meet some of the Southampton crew for lunch which was lovely and also a lady, her husband and son came from Kent and a lady from London came too so that was lovely and we all had a good time before heading out to the common again for the dogs to have another run before heading back to the Hotel. Then Sunday we took a taxi to Portsmouth to watch our friend do her abseil and then go for lunch afterwards, my 2 friends were like no we don’t need our receipts so I decided I wanted one and they burst out laughing and I was thinking what’s so funny so after that every time we went somewhere they asked for a receipt and passed it to me calling me the book keeper and accountant lol even though I’m not good at maths! lol anyway we spent ages in Portsmouth, had dinner before heading back to Southampton as we had to be up in the morning early to take the dogs for a run before the long train journeys back home and we actually did it and in good time. Had such a lovely weekend, met some wonderful people and enjoyed every moment šŸ™‚ heres to the next adventure whatever that will be!

Then this week Monday was the first day of term and it was manic at work so I was stressing myself out but fortunately the lady who trained me came to my rescue on Tuesday and stayed for 2 days to help out and now I feel more able to deal with things and know more what I’m meant to do, it’s all clicking into place now thank goodness! Peter’s loved it getting all the fuss and attention from students in my office but he’s been a good boy and settled down when it’s quiet it’s just all so exciting for him when people come in to see us lol!

Anyway I feel another blog coming on about hashtags because someone doesn’t understand lol! I wonder who that might be…

First day back to work/Evening Walk

It was my first day back at work today after a month off over the summer, where has that time gone! Can’t quite believe it really but it will be nice to get back into routine again and really get stuck into the job. I got in today and went to Reception to pass them a letter to send over to HR and then I asked her to ring over to maintenance so they could come and let me into my office which they dutifully did bless them. I had some paperwork left on my desk so I had a look at those whilst trying to figure out how to use the magnifier which I got the hang of pretty quickly thank goodness. I took Peter out around 11:30 for a busy, busy but kind of forgot I would be locked out again so had to go to reception to ask her to ring through to maintenance for me and bless her she came again to open the door for me which I thanked her for. Got on with some more work before having lunch at 1pm, tried to keep the door on the latch so I could get back in but unfortunately when I went back it was locked again so I had to ask for help again and this time the lady sorted it for me and took it fully off the latch so I could go in and out even though I wouldn’t need to anymore so that was good but she told me to close it properly when I left which is safest thing to do and she said she would make a note to unlock it for me first thing in the morning so I thanked her and she said she would try and sort something out. Once I had finished what I could I tried to figure out my dragon software which isn’t complete yet as had a phone call before having to rush to get the bus.

Obviously I forgot something in the office but it will be fine because I will sort it tomorrow. We were walking along the drive of the college and passed a lady so we said hello as we bypassed and we sped ahead until Peter needed to do a big busy typically lol! Anyway nothing I could do, had to pick it up, this lady came up behind us and we walked along together chatting away about random things like what we did at the college etc so that was nice talking to her, we got on the bus, got off and walked the long, dreaded uphill climb home as well as it being hot, boy was I glad to be home! I think Peter was too.

I had my tea which consisted of Marble Cake (Swartz Weiss) and a glass of refreshing cold milk before my brother needed some fresh air, he told me to take some water but I thought we weren’t going to be so long but boy was I wrong! We went to Mutters Moor and went through the woods and along the cliff path to a viewpoint which overlooks Sidmouth, walked back, climbed a massive hill which was real struggle and the heat was still so hot, I was thirsty, tired and in pain and it seemed like a never ending hill, we then got back to the car to then go onto Budleigh Salterton and walk along the river otter towards the sea, had a bit of time walking along the beach before heading back home again. Shattered isn’t even the word to describe it! I’ve walked 15,090 steps, climbed 29 floors and done 6.32 miles!!! Hopefully I will sleep well tonight. Been planning my Southampton weekend with some lovely ladies so I am looking forward to our little adventure. Peter is out like a light and I am off to bed.




Volunteering at Donkey Sanctuary

Today after church Peter and I were to do some volunteering at the donkey sanctuary however mum had forgotten but due fully reminded her so instead of going home they took us straight there. We arrived about 11:15 and spoke to the gentleman who was standing there and went to the ladies before starting my shift. How bad of me but I can’t remember his name but all I know is he had a dog called Barney, a little cavalier who wasn’t really intrigued with Peter lol! Anyway he stayed a while not with Barney, we met Barney later in the day. I chatted to him and found out how long he had worked for the donkey sanctuary, very interesting man, something lovely about him. He also said that normally if he sees a guide dog they are lab X retrievers but that this week he had seen 2 Flattie X Goldie guide dogs and now with Peter 3 lol so I knew immediately who they were lol, we Flattie guide dog owners can’t hide anywhere hehe!

After a while he left to check on his classic car because there was a car show and he had his car there or not his but a friend’s which he was borrowing so he was making sure no one had stolen it, he then came back for a bit and we spoke some moor before he had to go and cover the ladies in the visitor centre so they could have lunch.

Throughout the day we met many kinds of people from all over the country and even a couple from Sweden! I answered lots of questions and directed people not always in the right direction I figured out at the end lol! But my excuse is I can’t read a map lol! There were also hundreds of dogs of all different shapes and sizes and Peter had to say hello to near enough all of them who bypassed him! He was tired in the end so went to sleep in the log cabin like a good boy but he got loads of fuss, cuddles and told how handsome he was many times. We met a lady who used to puppy walk but both of her puppies failed for various reasons so they kept them both Yulin and Ash, Yulin being 13 1/2 and doing really well. We also met the most adorable Patterjack (Patterdale/Jack Russell cross) called Betsy who was adorable and into everything, such a confident little girl who loved Peter and was so good with their two little girls. Their was also a baby red and white border collie but I didn’t get to say hello unfortunately as was really busy. The car show definitely brought people into the sanctuary which is really good.

We got picked up at 2:30pm and we went straight for a walk with the dogs and then that was me crashed for the day apart from making mum and dad coffee and cake and feeding the dogs and my Guinea pig.

Time to go to bed now before tomorrow where Peter and I will be meeting up with the 2 Flattie X’s and their lovely owners for some fun on the beach so watch out for the photos tomorrow :).