What is normal? 

I had an interesting conversation with the two reception staff yesterday and a colleague today in the office in regards to me being ‘normal’. 

Yesterday as I was leaving I had a conversation with the reception ladies regarding guide dogs and that they were saying I am normal, they can have normal conversations with me and that they thought that I would be fine and still able to get around without Peter. I explained to them what Peter does for me and that he enables me to be confident when walking around which in turn made them think that I’m as able without him.

A guide dog helps me to be normal, I can be a confident person because I have my guide dog with me who keeps me safe and protects me from any harm that gets in my way! 

Who is normal anyway, we all are unique so we could all think of ourselves as normal or abnormal. My colleague today was mortified when she came back in the office after talking to the lady on reception because my colleague would think of me as nothing but normal and no different from anyone else which is lovely bless her and we had a good giggle about it thank goodness for a sense of humour lol! 

Just because we are different doesn’t mean we aren’t normal. What is your description of normal? Is anyone normal? What is normal?