Apple Watch series 2 – My verdict so far

I got my Apple Watch on Tuesday morning just before I was leaving for work so that was extremely good because mum and dad and my sister were out for the day which meant if it hadn’t arrived at that time we would’ve had to have collected it from the post office which one have been a problem but it’s less of a hassle if it gets delivered to the door. 

I took it to work that day and during my lunch break I set it up and began playing around with it, I set it up via the Apple Watch app on my iPhone which is fairly straightforward and I immediately put it onto voice-over to see what it was like. You not like voice-over on the iPhone so I was a bit sceptical of this but after using it for awhile since having no choice on the Apple Watch I have found it extremely helpful and less confusing and less annoying as well, voice-over on the Apple Watch is so easy to use compared to the iPhone which is really really good because without this I would’ve had to send it back. 

I was told about the Minnie and Mickey Mouse Watch faces which announce the time with a tap on the watchso that was pretty smart but there’s more! 

I have been wanting an Apple Watch for at least six months but was due to the price debating whether it was worth it. It was only after talking to a friend who got the Apple Watch for Christmas and was really impressed with it even though she cited but has a V I husband so was investigating the VI features for the watch and after hearing from other VI people who had the watch and were impressed I decided to go ahead and buy it and so far I do not regret it! 

I have tested it to its limit, I wanted it for tracking my exercise as I’m trying to lose weight and I know there are several cheaper versions out there but this Watch does so much more! 

I have tried quick start outdoor walk, indoor run, indoor cycling and pool swim and I wanted to see if what they say about this Watch being waterproof so I splashed it First under the tap, took it in the bath and finally to the local swimming pool for my half hour swim all on the special lock feature so that the touchscreen gets disabled but you can still find out how much your burning etc with voiceover which I was very impressed you just use the dial instead of the touchscreen. Afterwards all I had to do was rinse the watch and spin the wheel on the side and it unlocks back to its usual screen and touchscreen capabilities. 

It certainly motivates you to achieve your goals, it reminds you to stand if you’ve sat down for too long, it reminds you to breathe which are both very handy. 

I’ve trialled the maps app out and it’s really good that it nudges you when you need to make a turn and I’ve just found a bus check app which will notify when my stop is coming up but haven’t tried and tested it yet but will try that on Monday. 

I’m loving it so far and in new and unknown places and on buses I won’t need to worry About missing my stop šŸ™‚ 

How did I do without it I ask myself šŸ™‚ I’m so glad I made the purchase!!! I’m not saying it’s for everyone but it’s certainly gonna be very useful for me and I look forward to discovering more of what it can do for me.