Horse riding safari 

This was the day I was most looking forward to! First we put on our gear and went to find the horses. 3 of the more experienced riders went out first for a longer hack whilst we groomed and got our horses ready. I was matched with sighted guide Jo for this which was nice as we are both of similar age and have got a sense of humour so I knew we’d get on very well. Our horse was called Huckleberry and was a beautiful grey/white horse one of my favourites. Such a lovely patient horse having us digging around in his hoof and fiddling with his mane and tail. Once finished we put the saddles on and then swapped horses, I was gutted not to be riding a white horse but when I met Baloo a beautiful dark brown horse I fell in love and I was ok knowing Huckleberry was being ridden by my good friend Sarah. 

Anyway after having photos taken we set out on our horse riding safari. We rode through long grassy areas in the midst of Wildebeest which are beautiful dark brown animals which never look very friendly, Impala, Nyala and Blesbok as well as beautiful zebra. We also rode towards the crocodile pool where I very nearly had a bad accident as Baloo bolted as we went down a slope towards the lake but somehow I managed to hold on tight to Baloo and stop him just before the croc pool, a scary experience but one which hasn’t put me off horses! 

Riding on horseback through the wilderness is something spectacular, you can get closer to animals than you ever can on anything else and it just feels so wonderful. The crocs and Hippos were in the lake lurking somewhere. Crocs are weird creatures like from the dinosaur times with their skeletal skin but it’s amazing they allow little birds to sit on them and ducks to sit nearby without batting an eyelid. Unfortunately a zebra had lost its life thanks to a croc so it’s odd to thing these birds Trust these crocs. 

Pic shows me standing next to white horse smiling at the camera

Pic of the grassy areas with blesbok and Wildebeest 

Pic of the lake with the croc lying on land 

A close up of the croc and the ducks sitting next to him

A close up of a Wildebeest standing in the grass 

Pic shows Jo and Chris on their white horses with the green grass below and mountains behind

Close up of me smiling as I ride a dark brown horse which is Baloo

A group photo of 8 of us Riding the horses back to the stables on a path