Woolacombe/Knightshayes Court

Yesterday we decided because my sister was off work we would go to Woolacombe which is apparently britains best beach, it certainly was beautiful and because it was out of season there was miles of space for the dogs to run and have a good time, as we arrived we saw a horse riding trek going out on what I’m guessing is a beach trek and I so wanted to join them! Peter was so excited as it was something new which he loves, the dogs could run and play for miles which was lovely, we went sort of towards the end of the beach and sat down near the top so the sea wouldn’t catch us as it came in and the dogs were entertaining themselves by digging holes, walking around or sleeping apart from Peter who was on the go for the majority of the time we were sitting down so much so he got so hot he needed the sea to cool down again lol! I told him several times to lie down and he did after digging himself a hole but he didn’t lie In it long so I got up and then we all got up and went towards the sea so Peter could have another dip as did the other boys. It was beautiful and the sun was out but not so hot because of the clouds which Made it perfect weather. The dogs and us were shattered when we got home, just the fresh air and the sea and everything combined made us very tired.

Today we went to Knighthayes court a national trust property, we didn’t take the pet dogs so we took them for a walk and I took Peter to this place and he was a very good boy inside the house and in the gardens, it was all very exciting for him Again being something new and different so I put his gentle leader on so he didn’t hurt my arm or shoulder too much. I worked him and He was exemplary telling me about steps etc because sometimes he can when he’s excited forget to tell me but he was very good today and of course got admired as always šŸ™‚ we tried on some hats from the kitchen, looked around the house before heading into the gardens which were beautiful with all the flowers and trees in full bloom, lots of beautiful roses, massive acers, a beautiful pond and lush green grass and lots of vegetables and herbs in the kitchen garden. We then went back home, watched the football and then took the dogs out for an evening walk as it had turned so beautiful after the mist had disappeared even though it came back as soon as it had gone! The dogs had a good play time and now we all are tired again which is good and means we will sleep tonight.