Cameras – How they enhance the world for VI’sĀ 

I have always had an interest in cameras and taking photos for my memories and to be able to show friends/family etc. 

I didn’t realise however the impact a camera would actually have until I bought my most recent camera the Sony cybershot HX400V. I had before the HX50 which was also fabulous and enabled me to capture and view some of the most amazing scenery and wild animals in Swaziland because without my cameras the lions blended into the background, I couldn’t see the elephants or the tiny birds sitting on top of the rhinos but with my camera and it’s 30x zoom I could see the amazing animals and birds, the sunset sky, and the beautiful surrounding scenery. 

For my birthday I was given the bridge camera cybershot HX400V and again this has enhanced my world and enables me to see what’s in front of me or what is 100mtrs away with it’s 50x zoom it can capture the moon and all it’s craters and all I see without my camera is a white dot,unfortunately it has yet to capture a Star which is something I have always wanted to see but there’s certain things even a camera has its limitations. The other night I was able to watch the clouds roll over and cover the moon when normally I wouldn’t see that at all. 

When I took my new camera to the zoo I was able to capture amazing close ups of the animals which helped me be able to really see the amazing fur the lemurs, orangutans and tigers had, the amazing head of a lion. To me the camera is like binoculars and binoculars I cannot use because I can never find anything and through the viewfinder of a camera I wouldn’t see anything either so I love the big screen on the camera. 

Cameras are certainly an amazing invention and they are constantly improving and for me it really is a really useful tool to help me enjoy the outdoors, the little birds to see their amazing feathers and to be able to marvel at their beauty is something people take for granted If they can see, to be able to see the moon and it’s craters is truly amazing and constantly when looking back at my photos of Swaziland I notice something different in the picture such as an extra lion which I totally missed when out there or a lizard on a tree. Makes me more amazed every time I take a picture of God’s creation šŸ™‚ 

Moon with a dark cloud like a hairball moving over the bottom 

Pic 2 a view over Jacobs ladder beach with All the different blues of the sea the green grass and the sky And the tower to the left on a sunny afternoon 

Moon in a completely dark sky