The pine forest Mhlambanyatsi

I’ve been asked to share via my blog more of the scenery and animals I saw on my holiday to Swaziland, of course I’m jumping at the chance to relive memories of that once in lifetime never to be forgotten holiday! 

Swaziland is an amazing little kingdom with the nicest, sweetest and loveliest people around, they care so much for their little kingdom and the enthusiasm they show puts a smile on anyone’s face! 

On our way to Swaziland we stopped off at a service station and this was the most amazing service station I have ever come across. It had a watering hole which we could at and there was a huge expanse of green space and that time I was told and thanks to my camera I know there were buffalo, ostriches and Emu’s but no rhinos first time round. That was our first taste of Africa! 

On the first day when we arrived in Swaziland at our hotel for 2 nights we were in our room and I could hear horses neighing and the lady I shared with told me a horse was riding around the grounds at the bottom of the hotel. 

We then went for a walk in the wooded pine forest just outside the hotel, it was getting dark but there was something tranquil about that forest, it was quiet, we didn’t see or hear any animals and we were told not many animals like this kind of forest. There were however the most vibrantly coloured flowers which were so beautiful and bright and they were made with perfection (pictures will be added). One was a brilliant purple or violet whichever you wish to use, it was a pretty flat flower and the other was kind of like a hanging Lamp shade and it’s a red and yellow and again just amazing and the last one aaa quite a thin flower pearl white and had thin petals, to think these flowers are part of our wonderful creation amazes me, no Big Bang can create something so amazing! 

Even the pine trees in the forest were beautiful but in a different kind of way and just so very different. The forest felt eery and so quiet apart from the odd car. The hotel is an amazing little place and in really lovely surroundings but it’s gets even better as the holiday goes on! Next blog tomorrow
A green leafed background with a twig diagonally across the top right of the picture and in the centre is the beautiful violet flowers fully open. 

The beautiful red and yellow lampshade flower the colours run through like veins and a blurred background 

A collection of 3 white flowers with single petals against a blurred background 

A single emu looking to the camera standing on grass with stones in front of his feet 

A strutting ostrich across the grass with buffalo in 6 buffalo in the background and in the forefront is a tiny bit of the watering hole 

A herd of buffalo can’t count eating the grass 

Tarmac in front of A electric fence and behind is the watering hole with buffalo and ostrich in the background